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Service Hotline: 400-918-0889
Service Agent Distribution Map
External Service Staff Distribution
Service Network Chief
No. Region Network Name Tel Title
1 The national region The national region Heng yang 17759338393 Passenger car after - sales service manager
2 The national region The national region Genqiang Li 17759338132 Commercial vehicle after-sales service manager
3 Overseas Germany region Sivan Peng [email protected] Regional manager
4 Overseas North and East Europe Jes Jiang [email protected] Regional manager
5 Overseas West Europe William Chen [email protected] Regional manager
6 Overseas South Europe Eason Hu [email protected] Regional manager
7 Overseas North America Jane Sun [email protected] Regional manager
8 Overseas South America Saunders li [email protected] Regional manager
9 Overseas Asia region Uzi Meng [email protected] Regional manager
10 Overseas Pacific/Africa Rosin Chu [email protected] Regional manager
11 HubeiandAnhui Region Hubei Baosheng Yang 17759338286 Regional manager
12 South Region Guangdong/Hainan/Hong Kong/Aomen Shihua Chen 17759338520 Regional manager
13 Northeast Region Jilin/Eastern Inner Mongolia Lichuang Hou 17759337951 Regional manager
14 Northeast Region ha'erbin Binbin Li 17759335786 Senior after-sales engineer
15 Northeast Region Liaoning Hao Jiang 17759335798 Senior after-sales engineer
16 Southeast Region Zhejiang/Fujian Huashuang Xia 17759335808 Regional manager
17 HubeiandAnhui Region Anhui Yaozhu Luo 17759339375 Senior after-sales engineer
18 North Region Beijing Nan Zhao 17759335819 Regional manager
19 North Region Hebei Yanfei Li 17759338607 Senior after-sales engineer
20 North Region Tianjin Xiaoqiang Zhang 17759335828 Senior after-sales engineer
21 East Region Shandong/Shanghai/Jiangshu Naixue Zheng 17759338273 Regional manager
22 Northwest Region Gansu/Qinghai/Xinjiang/Ningxia/Western Inner Mongolia Jingli Shi 17759337981 Regional manager
23 Southwest Region Sichuan/Xizang/Chongqing Xiaohai Liao 17759338589 Regional manager
24 Southwest Region Yunnan/Guizhou Jiaxi Lv 17759332583 Senior after-sales engineer
25 Central Region Shanxi/Henan/Shanxi Jianting Zhang 17759338185 Regional manager
26 Central south Region Hunan/Jiangxi Hao Tang 17759338556 Regional manager
27 Central south Region Guangxi Chao Wang 17759391712 Senior after-sales engineer